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Company Introduction

JTOUCH was founded in 2001, headquartered in Taoyuan, Zhongli, specifically design and manufacture for film type touch panel (resistive, capacitive, and 50um thin film metal mesh touch panel), providing 1.6-inch to 23-inch touch panel total solution.

Our products are widly used in communications (mobile phone), consumer electronics (Tablet PC, MP3 players, digital cameras) and niche products (Airbus first class entertainment system, copy machine, ATM).

The customer base of JTOUCH includes Taiwan, Japan and China brand name customers. Main revenue comes from capacitive type touch panel. JTOUCH made a new milestone in TOUCH PANEL industry in 2013, based on our metal mesh solution, which is the highest technical and leading of the world.

Company Profile
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:Yeh, Yu-Chou
General Manager : Hsu, Hwei-Tong
Capitalization: NTD 1406 Million
Factory 2: No.3, Ziqiang 1st Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  
Factory 5: No.16, Dongyuan Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
China: No.7, KangPing Road, Changsha National Biomedical Industrial Estal, HUNAN CHINA 410311
Japan: Uchikanda 282 Bldg. 3F, 2-15-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
2015.02 Issued “Limited Employee Right Shares” NTD 300,000,000, the actual receipt capital is NTD 1,406,681,700
2014.04 Join FINETECH Japan and presenting kinds of Metal Mesh products, size from 5" to 23".
2013.11 A new product - Metal Mesh representation in Taipei, size from 7" to 23".
2013.08 Convert Bond to be capital, the Actual Receipt Capital is NTD 1,376,681,700
2013.03 Capital increase by cash NTD 300,000,000, the Actual Receipt Capital is NTD 1,376,525,280
2012.10 Build up JTOUCH Japan Corp.
2012.01 Build up factory at Farglory Free Trade Zone
2011.10 The China factory in Changsha Hunan was built up.
2011.08 The factory 5 in Zhong Li was built up.
2010.07 J TOUCH Corporation is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.(Company Code 3584)
2010.04 The factory 3 in Zhong Li was built up.
2007.10 Approved from Taiwan Emerging Stock Market
2007.09 Public Market
2006.06 New Product Announcement: Touch Lens configuration
2004.10 New Product Announcement: Film to Plastic configuration
2003.08 Touch panel for smart phone mass produce
2002.05 New Product Announcement: Film to Film on Plastic configuration
2001.02 JTOUCH Corp. established
To build up our integrity and increase our competition in the worldwide, we are promoting our techniques, focusing on our core business, developing products which meets customers' needs, and being the most advanced technology leader.


Harmony, Fusion

Shimin Lee, one of the most famous Chinese Emperors of Tang Dynasty, said” To take brass as mirror, you may trim the clothes and hat. To take history as mirror, you may know the rise and the decline. To take other people as mirror, you may understand the gain and the loss” Business Weekly Taiwan provides a very good example of this theorem. Every year, the list of Top 500 Companies has always been modified. From a long term of perspective, only a few companies can keep themselves on the list more than 5 years. Another good example is also from the history. The ancient nomadic people build up many “Great Powers”, but how many of these “Great Powers” can still impact the world until now? The main factor which causes the raising and the decline is “The Culture”.

Culture, for a person, means elegance, integrity, ability and mind (determination and ambition). As for a company, culture means the whole atmosphere, which is composited from each employee’s culture characteristic. The success or failure of enterprise operation relies on every single member inside. If the majority of the company can share the same culture style, it could remain sustainable operation.

As CEO of JTOUCH, I expect everyone in JTOUCH could have aggressive attitude, combination of softness and hardness, seeking for result to progress, never proud for success, and never depressed for failure. Moreover, I expect our members could keep an open mind to the adjustment of the market and our company policy. We should combine the old and new coming culture of JTOUCH harmonically. Together, we make the maximum benefit for JTOUCH and all of us.

In the development of a company, we must need new team and new technology. Just In case of a tree, beside the trunk, there are still lots of s branches and stems. Without each, it could not to be a spectacular tree at all. Meanwhile, the new and higher branches gather much more sunshine than lower branches, the latter withered and droop gradually should be considered as natural phenomenon. With this good metabolism, a tree can grow higher and higher.

In JTOUCH, “Research” and “Development” are the fundamentals of our sustainable operation, and “Harmony” and “Fusion” are the virtues of all of our employees. It is also the root of JTOUCH. A tremendous tree grows with solid roots, just like a long river begins with deep water source. To conquer the challenges of 2015, I wish all the JTOUCH members step forward harmonically and integrate the old and new culture. With our Metal Mesh solution, which is the leading technology of the world, we can make a new milestone in TOUCH PANEL Industry.

Together, we share the rich achievements and honor!

Yeh, Yu-Chou

Vision & Values
Judicious Keep up with new product trend.
Technique Keep leading position.
Outstanding Perfect in quality on our product.
Unique To create unique, practical, and wonderful products.
Challenge Constant innovation.
Helpful Valuable partner to customers.
Quality Policy
Our quality policy:
1.JTOUCH will strive to satisfy our customer's requirement.
2.JTOUCH will match our customers' schedule, and provide excellent after-sales service.
3.JTOUCH takes team discipline seriously , and ensures quality stability.
Shareholder Structure

Directorate 、 Corporation 、 and Public

Main Products Capacitive touch panel
Types Capacitive Touch Panel, Metal Mesh
Size 1.6" ~ 23"
Monthly Capacity ITO film         Taoyuan Fab: 6M pcs,
                    China Fab: 6M pcs
Metal Mesh   Taoyuan Fab: 4M pcs

Capacity number is based on 5” smart phone

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