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Based on more than ten years developing, research, and manufacturing experience, JTOUCH team continuously has new innovative products released. With the target “High Quality” & “Green Product”, our mission is to make products to satisfy customers. And make JTOUCH to be a leading company in touch panel industry.

New technologies in recent years

Touch lens

In 2007, JTOUCH made Touch Lens for Samsung smart phone - Omnia. Touch lens is the enhanced product of resistive touch panel. Different from traditional structure, touch lens can be designed on the top of end-product to make it thinner and attractive.

Capacitive touch panel

In 2008, for smart phone and tablet PC, JTOUCH started to mass product capacitive touch panel. Touch function is based on changing of electric capacity. With this changing, system can identify touch location. This product can make touch panel with various design and more choice for materials.

Nano-carbon tube conductive film

In 2007, JTOUCH co-work with ITRI to developed Nano-carbon tube conductive film. Surface resistance is 700 Ω, and transmission is 85%.

CTP function tester

The Projected Capacity touch panel tester technology used to hold by IC company. To overcome the limitation from IC company, achieve the flexible development for various products, and speed up production, JTOUCH successfully developed capacitive tester set in 2008.

Advantage printing technique - 60um tiny silver trace

To increase the yield rate and fit the narrow width of projected capacitive touch panel and resistive type multi-touch touch panel, JTOUCH was developed 60um silver trace printing in 2010 Q3.

Nano-Silver tube conductive film

In 2011, JTOUCH co-work with ITRI to developed Nano-Silver tube conductive film. Surface resistance is 50 Ω, and transmission is 88%.

Direct Bonding technique for touch panel with LCM

For further support to customers, JTOUCH completed direct bond process in 2011.

30um tiny silver trace

For market needed narrower border touch panel, JTOUCH completed 30 um silver trace process in 2013 Q1.

Metal Mesh touch panel

Due to ITO film can’t support well touch function for large size touch panel because of high surface resistance, JTOUCH started to develop metal mesh sensor process in 2011. And lunched this technique in Nov 2013. We got global brand company certificate in 2014 Q3, and started to mass-product in 2014, Q4. The advantage of metal Mesh touch panel are not only to support large size touch panel and be with high efficient touch function, it’s also low cost, ultra slim, flexible, and super narrow border.

Manufacture process in JTOUCH
Glass Washing:

Washing the ITO glass removed its impurities or chemical pollution.
After washing, the material must be checked and ensured it's clean and complete.


Including Insulation ink printing 、 Silver ink printing 、 Adhesive ink printing.

Narrow down the width to increase viewing area.
Printing could be MP and each printing station has 97% yield rate.

Wet etching process: Clearing the useless ITO pattern by resist ink printing and film etching.
Removable etching process: To avoid the pollution from film etching and increase the yield rate.

Lamination :

Professional class 100 lamination environment, to avoid particles,

Specific lamination equipment could fit different lamination requests and different structures. No matter optical glue lamination process, FILM on GLASS, FILM on FILM or C type lamination process, each could be increased the yield rate.


To provide a variety of shaped products, JTOUCH outsource the specialized CNC companies to meet our customers requirement.

Cooperated with suppliers :

JTOUCH has personalized CNC outsourcing factory to satisfy customers' various shape products.

Functional test:

100% functional test includes linearity, resistance and isolation.
Touch Testing
Pressing Testing

Visual inspection of appearance:

To guarantee our customers have qualified product, JTOUCH have well-trained and experienced inspectors to do the 100% check in special environment and light source.

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